Application - Ryuutarou

Character Name and Band they are from: Arimura Ryuutarou - Plastic Tree
Character Journal: redmonochrome
Status: Rogue
General Appearance: Collapse )

Ryuutarou is usually clad in black or other dark colours, aiming for functionality and durability rather than flashiness. On most times his face is devoid of any expression or emotion, and he can stare down almost anyone with his blank gaze.
Height: 5'7" ≈ 175 cm
Weight: 116 lbs ≈ 53 kg
Personality: Not the most social one on the block, Ryuutarou is used to being alone. Having spent his immortal life mainly Petless, he has learned to take refuge in abandoned places in the daytime to avoid unnecessary confrontations with humans. In his opinion, his ability to survive by himself is a strength, but it has its weaknesses as well. Due to his near isolation from other life forms, Ryuutarou has grown distrustful of others, both vampires and humans.

Because of said distrust, anyone willing to become his Pet should not expect to be accepted straightaway, not to mention to be treated especially lovingly. But if one manages to gain Ryuutarou's trust by offering him the services and protection he needs, they can expect equal protection in return.

Ryuutarou is a rather calm one by nature, and pissing him off would require quite a bit of effort. He prefers to blend to the background and avoid attention and is especially skilled in slipping away unnoticed when the situation gets too face-to-face for him.
Likes: Solitariness, cool nights, feeding, the occasional good book.
Dislikes: Heat, general loudness, rude and intrusive people.
Any other things we should know? Concerning Ryuu? No, Bebbeh~ However, may I suggest this community to be advertised a bit more? The more advertising, the more players, and more players are always a good thing.
Contact: E-mail: narcomanic[at] & narcomanic[at]
AIM: separatedbarrier

This time imperfect

Character Name and Band they are from: Ruki – The GazettE
Character Journal: secluded_sanity
Status: Creator
General Appearance: Collapse )

Ruki is the kind that always wears make-up. Not that he believes he needs it, but more for the fact he loves how it emphasis’s things. Such as his eyes. Bold make-up or smokey effects are how he goes. Sometimes wearing lipstick in a worn off look. Dark around the edges and patchy on the actual lip.

Always being one for fashion and sticking with current trends. In the last 20 – 30 years, Ruki has mainly stuck with the punk rocker look. Though now a day’s it’s more relaxed you can see the inspiration.

Height: 162cm (5’3”)
Weight: ?????
Personality: By no means is Ruki quiet, with social status he can’t afford to be. If someone pisses him off, he’ll let them know straight away. Maybe with just a warning. He lets his authority over people known when they cross the line and even when they don’t.

Though he has responsibilities, he’s still a fun loving guy. And lenient to those he favours more in the group.

Likes: Smoking, people knowing their place, make-up, fashion, authority, respect, sleeping, companionship.
Dislikes Constant rule breakers, those that ignore him, those that think they can challenge him, outsiders, when clan members pick pathetic pets.
Any other things we should know? =D I BROKE THE RULES FOR 2 CHARACTERS~!
Contact: Same as Die and Aoi duh!

Kisaki Application

Character Name and Band they are from: Kisaki (Tadashi Matsuura), now retired; formerly of Phantasmagoria, Kisaki Project, Syndrome, Mirage, Anti-Feminism, And La: Sadie's to name a few.
Character Journal: Collapse )

Status: Pet- Die's

General Appearance: Collapse )<

Height:176 cm (5'9")

Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)

Personality: Kisaki was, once upon a time, very shy and lacking in self confidence. That all changed his senior year of high school when a new girl began attending the same extracurricular 'cram school' as he. She was somewhat reclusive and quiet, similar to Kisaki (then known as Tadashi) himself. The two soon struck up a shy friendship and she began bringing Tadashi out of his shell as they began spending time together outside of school. Never as physically attractive as the more popular boys in school, he had lacked the confidence that came with physical good looks until the girl, Amayumi, showed him how to hide certain flaws with makeup and hairstyling. The young man seemed to blossom overnight, and girls at his school began flocking to the ugly-duckling-turned-swan. As his popularity and confidence grew, Amayumi began spending less and less time with Tadashi...who began to miss his friend. When he confronted her about her sudden standoffishness, she tried to push him away, apologizing and telling him she could never truly be his friend. Confused but unable to divulge any further information out of her, Kisaki began following her in secret, and soon learned why she'd pushed him away: to make a long story short, he nearly stumbled upon the fact that she was a vampire and it nearly cost him his life. Amayumi begged fr the life of her friend when her Creator threatened to kill him for discovering their secret; and he granted her wish. Tadashi Matsuura disappeared, apparently kidnapped but never found, and became Kisaki- not much more than a servant to Amayumi's Creator until a certain vampire friend of theirs took an interest in the young man...
Kisaki fits well into vampire society, being from a high society family. He has discovered his voice within their community, and although still a mere pet, he has earned the acknowledgement of a good percentage of his Master's acquaintances. he is eloquent and refined, diplomatic and fair, but also very, very charming and charismatic. It is almost impossible to ignore him when he walks into a room, and his heavily made-up appearance certainly adds to his appeal.
Likes: Attention (but not overshadowing his Master), compliments, factual information, French red wine, caviar, fine art and sculpture, Baroque and Roccocco architecture.

Dislikes Being dirty, being seen without makeup (except by his Master), people who start ridiculous rumors, gossip in general.

Any other things we should know? Kisaki wants desperately to be turned, Bebbeh!

Contact: (at least one valid email, msn/aim optional)You know where to find me. MSN: email:
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Application: Tora

Character Name and Band they are from: Tora - alice nine.
Character Journal: (link here) tora_blackjewel
Status: Pet
General Appearance: Collapse )
Height: 6'
Weight: 145lbs
Personality: Tora lost a childhood friend to a myterious death that resulted in the girl, Aiko, being drained of blood. The murder case went unsolved and the result left Tora fanatical about Vampires (and all other occult). This beginning what grew to be a fairly obsessive personality. Once Tora wants something he does not give up. Not matter what it costs him. His obsession with the occult has alienated everyone, including his own parents from his life... leaving him with a few social hang ups as well. He doesn't trust easily but once he does he is a very loving and caring friend. He does enjoy being around people, he just feels most don't understand him. Though, he does have a tendacy to feel right, all the time, and when he doesn't like someone will use his sharp and scathing sense of humor to wear them down. He is more of a lover than a fighter, but his height and sturdy build are usually intimidating enough for him to stay out of trouble.
Likes: Vampires, Books, Documentaries, World History, His computer.
Dislikes Competition, Non-believers, Holy Rollers, Liars, and Idiots.
Any other things we should know? ohh bebbeh~ Tora is a sekushi goffic boi! =D
Contact: female.vocals[at]gmail[dot]com / msn: tearsxinxflames[at]hotmail[dot]com (though i check my email more regularly than sign onto msn)
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Application - Die

Character Name and Band they are from: Daisuke Andou – Die. Dir en grey
Character Journal: be_deceived
Status: Rogue
General Appearance:
Collapse )
Height: About 5’8
Weight: 134lbs
Personality: Die is the kind of guy, that is extremely easy to get along with. He has a friendly outlook towards people, unless they are his enemies. He has a side to him, which works quite well to his advantage. Being a goofy dork. Which lures most people into thinking he’s weak and can’t hold his ground. In which they are soon shown how wrong they are. Die stands for no bullshit, and won’t hesitate to get violent and mess anyone up who challenges him.

When it’s needed of him, he will become serious, and drop all the jokes, taking on a sarcastic attitude. But getting the work done when he has to.

If pissed of enough, or messed around with, Die usually becomes quiet, distant and cold. If pushed further, he’ll snap easily into a blind fury.

Likes: Alcohol. Being in charge. Smoking. Going out at nights. Having a laugh. Chilling. When people actually take him seriously. Arguing. Playthings and sex.
Dislikes Unresponsive people. Summer. Having nothing good to wear. Hunger.
Any other things we should know? Babbeh, you’re awesome XD Kisaki’s Die’s pet~
Contact: rot-with_repulsion(at)hotmail(dot)com

Application: Reita

Character Name and Band they are from: Reita - the GazettE
Character Journal: reita_discharge
Status: Rogue
General Appearance: Collapse )
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120lbs
Personality: Reita has a flair for the fast and dangerous. He doesn't see any problems using and abusing the people he cares nothing about, and can often be rude or sarcastic to them for no reason, or worse if he has to feed. But on the rare occassion someone finds a way under his skin, he can have a good (yet still dark) sense of humor and stong loyalty. He likes to live on the edge, but control is a must. And he will resort to violence quickly if he feels that control is being taken from him. Reita has no problems being a loner, in fact, he prefers it that way. Well, he did, until Aoi showed up. Ever since making the human companion the one thing he holds dear, besides his Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle.
Likes: Aoi, racing, his motorcycle, pissing people off.
Dislikes Not in control of his surroundings, being hungry, and drunkards ruining his good time at the bar.
Any other things we should know? oo bebbeh, beb-beh.. oh bebbeh, beb-beh~ =D
Contact: female.vocals[at]gmail[dot]com, msn:tearsxinxflames[at]hotmail[dot]com (though you'll get a fast responce through my email)

Shinya Application

Character Name and Band they are from: Shinya - Dir en grey Character Journal: shinyanohana
Status: Rogue
General Appearance: Collapse )
Height: 167.5 cm (5'6")

Weight: 45.8 kg (101 lbs)

Personality: Dark and brooding, usually quiet, Shinya is prone to violent outbursts if he's pushed too far. He prefers to resolve differences diplomatically, but if his opponent is overly persistent or belligerent he will resort to physical confrontation. Despite his slight build, Shinya is very strong and extremely agile, making him a formidable fighter as a mortal and a superb one as a vampire. He is not a born leader but does enjoy being in the limelight, and his enigmatic charisma draws followers to him like moths to a flame. In spite of his usual quiet ways, he is very much a social butterfly for in his mind, popularity equates power. And Shinya does desire power. When he finds another who "takes his fancy", he may retreat from the public eye for a few nights, spending intimate time with his special someone until the pair venture out together. many of his lovers have described Shinya as very romantic and attentive as a lover.

Likes: Being in public, being surrounded by
friends and admirers, high society,but also quiet times with someone special.
Dislikes The loud, the ignorant, the obnoxious, the uncultured.

Any other things we should know? If ya need anything else, just ask me, bebbeh.

Contact: (at least one valid email, msn/aim optional)email:, MSN:
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Aoi - Application

Character Name and Band they are from: Aoi – The GazettE
Character Journal : aoi_houkounin
General Appearance:
Collapse )
Height: 5’7
Weight: 55kg (121 lbs.)
Personality: Aoi is a bit of a wild one. Whilst he knows his place, he’s not afraid to show is rebellious side. Not afraid to answer back. In short, Aoi is extremely confident. In almost everything he does. But as well as being rebellious, Aoi is also extremely loyal and protective.

A fun loving person, with a cocky attitude. He can be very sarcastic, but knows where to draw the line. Unless he’s intentionally doing it to wind people up.
Status: Pet – Reita’s.
Likes: Company, menthol cigarettes, food, sleep, teasing. People who are fairly easy to get along with. Warmth.
Dislikes Rain. Stale smoke smell. Waking up with a hangover. Smoking too much. People who feel the need to be disrespectful to him, or anyone he knows.

Contact: rot_with_repulsion(at)hotmail(dot)com
Any other things we should know? bebbeh~~ I’m one krazy muzza foocha? =D
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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my baby, Yoru No Hana!

You may begin to post applications now!
This post will be the Character Claims list, with links to all the characters in the game, & their journals. =D
One easy way to find them all.

Have fun!!!!

Characters Claimed
Click the Character name to go to their character sheet.

alice nine.
Tora - Journal: tora_blackjewel - Pet

Dir En Grey
Shinya - Journal: shinyanohana - Rogue
Die - Journal: be_deceived - Rogue

the GazettE
Aoi - journal: aoi_houkounin - Pet
Reita - Journal: reita_discharge - Rogue