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yoru_no_hana's Journal

Jrock AU Vampire Yaoi RolePlay Community!
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Jrock AU Vampire Yaoi RolePlay Community!
Yoru No Hana

There is a raging underground scene in Tokyo. Vampire sects have suddenly sprung up, while some clans are fun loving and easy going, some are war mongers and wish to establish a hierarchy. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Vampire Types

***Rogues (Solos)
This is the basic starting point for anyone joining the game as a Vampire. You have to work your way up! If you wish to make Creator status, you must convince other Vampires to Bond with you, or gather Pets who wish to become Vampires. Rogues generally venture around getting to know their environment (interacting with other players visiting blogs or making a post looking for Vampires/Pets on the OOC community. You can find the link at the bottom of the page.). They may cause mischeif amoung other clans trying to instigate, or find lovers, or both! But please, do not be a troll. If it has been obvious you are not wanted around certain Clans, leave them alone (unless it has been negotiated before hand that you are to be a pest on purpose XD). Also, it is essential for Rogues to aquire a Pet for daytime protection, but not manditory. I just wouldn't make any enemies in the meantime.

***Pets (Humans)
Pets are the only human characters in the game. You do not need a Vampire Master to apply as a Pet. If your Human wishes to join a vampire, or a Vampire spies a Pet they want, The "ownership" must be spoken about and agreed upon by both characters. And just because they can, does not mean Vampire characters may kill Pets, unless the Pet player as agreed upon it. Some Vampires may treat their pets like children (or even human lovers), and some may be abusive and uncaring. Choose your Masters wisely. Do not expect a mean and brooding Vampire to treat you as a precious gem, and don't expect to get raped by a happy-go-lucky type either. Pets may also be changed into Turns by Creators, with concent from both parties, again.

***Turns (Clan Members/Underlings)
Turns are attached emotionally and mentally to their Creators. The "Blood Bond" must take place between the Turn and the Creator to prove/set their loyalty to them. A Turn cannot go against their Creator without severe emotional and mental distress. Breaking a blood bond is something that will nearly kill the character, so make sure if there is a defection that they have plenty of support behind them to help them recover. A Turn cannot simply defect and go Rogue. They will die without a new Blood Bond being established right away and plenty of blood from a healthy Vampire to keep them alive. A Turn can only go Rogue with the dismissal from their Creator, be it on good or bad terms. Turns may bring their prior Pets from Rogue-hood with them into a clan, with the approval of the Creator. Please, no against-will Turns. Talk with the player before doing ANYTHING regarding status change of their character.

***Creators (Clan Leaders)
Creators are the only ones in a clan allowed to turn a Pet into a Vampire. They are also the only ones allowed to accept or dismiss other Vampires from their clan. So, it is best not to piss off leader-sama, else you'll end up a Rogue, again. Creators are required to not only have a journal for their character but maintain a Clan Journal so that their clan may interact with themselves and with other Vampire players. The path to becoming a Creator is not easy and is one of the most powerful status in the game. Rogues become Creators by gaining followers (pets or other rogues) who wish to do their bidding. Hence one a Rogue is bonded to another Rogue, the one who is drank from gains the Creator status. But gaining that status is creating a clan, as you now have Turns (the other rogue or pet you bonded with) to care for. Also, If A Creator wishes to give up their leadership, a new Creator (from within the clan) must be chosen by them to take on leadership. And upong leaving a death must be played (or explained at the very least if you can't be bothered) in the Yoru No Hana community. You cannot give up a character simply because you don't want the responcibility. So, I suggest if you take on a Creator character you make sure you have plenty of spare time. Clans may have one Pet per member.

((Really, I know this is some what confusing. Feel free to post any questions in the ynh_ooc.))

General Game Play

Every character will need to post a character sheet in the main community (form is posted below) and have a character journal. Creators, as mentioned above, must also keep a clan journal. All character status changes need to be posted in the community.
The way it works: You enter the game as a Pet or a Rogue. Rogues must turn a Pet to become a Creator -or- have a blood bond with the Creator of an existing clan to become their Turn. Turns only exist in clans and cannot make Pets into Vampires. They must request that their Creator do so, as the Creator must have the loyalty of everyone in the clan. Pets do not ever have to become a Vampire if they don't want to. And are free to come and go when they please as the Vampires don't share a bond with them like they do with their Turns. Rogues also do not ever have to become a Turn if they do not wish it. Having a few free spirits can help make the game quite interesting. Though, there is power in numbers and becoming a Creator, or having the support of a Clan can have it's benifits.

As we grow in numbers, the Vampire society with have "Blood Festivals" where they are mysteriously drawn together to interact for a period of time. In the game it will be a period of one night though in real time may last for a week so that members of different time zones can meet and network, though that's always encouraged through the blogs.

But, it is requested -even in blogs- that the interaction still be based as role play. So, no popping in and just leaving a comment like, 'hey what's going on, man?!'.. We'd require that a scenario be set up before hand so that the interactions looks more like, 'Reita strolled up to Aoi, eyeing the lanky yet muscular body from across the bar and made his move. He was swift and agile, breathing in the human's ear before he knew it. 'Hello, you pretty thing." His words were deep and husky, just dripping with desire.' Is much more appropriate for the setting and the mood we wish to keep here. Though, the role plays can be done in messanger or through emails, so long as they are posted in the journals for the rest of us to keep up with.

Blood Bonds, should probably be explained as well. Blood Bonds are made when the Creator Vampire lets a Rogue or Pet(assuming they have fed from the pet at least once before) drink from them. Thus making said Rogue or Pet into a Turn. Vampires may drink from humans only, less they are in the bonding process. And even then, only allowed to drink from the Creator, as a Creator is essentially giving up their power to feed from another vampire. I know it sounds confusing, but just stick to the humans, okay? No bloodletting during vampire sex! ^^;


1. No drama.. If you are having a spat with a player that you simply cannot settle yourselves. You may post about it here naming the users involved. Comments will be screened so that no one else may see, and I will determine what to do from there.
2. No trolling/god-modding. As I'm hoping that people who RP together will be in good contact this should be a non issue, but don't get butthurt if someone doesn't want to play with your character. Not all personalities mix. And some people will only want to play with characters that are like their own, and some people will want dynamics.
3. This is an advanced level RP. Sorry, but if you've never RPed before, this really isn't the place for you.
4. You must update your character journal, and clan journals at least once every 2 weeks. So if you are to join a clan, make sure you have the time.
5. You are only allowed 2 characters per person. Sorry, but like I said, I want to make sure you have enough time for your characters.
6. This is a Yaoi / Shounen ai / Boy love community that revolves around Jrock characters. If your character isn't male, and doesn't play for a jrock band... sorry, but look elsewhere.
7. Please put the word, "bebbeh", somewhere in the 'Any other things we should know?' section of your application so that I know you've read all of the rules.

Application Form

Copy and paste this form, with your proper information into the community. Please, do not begin RPing until it has been approved.

Once a member, join the OOC comm to aid with meeting members and working out your plots!


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